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About Us

Hi there and thank you so much for visiting our website. Our concept is simple: create handcrafted, high quality, made-with-love artisan bath and body products & more that you and your body will be smitten with.

First things first, we are a mother/daughter team here at lake+ember. It all began when Karen (the mama) started talking about wanting to make her own bath and body products for the family. Items with less chemicals and better quality ingredients. The more she talked about it the more ideas would pop in to her head. How she wanted to make soap, salves, lotions, etc. Then 2020 hit. When the whole world turned upside down, it made us reevaluate everything. Seeing the world demonstrate that life can change at the drop of a hat (or mask) inspired us to find a way to work together and do something we love. That's when Kori (the daughter) started to talk about helping to make product to sell. Then the ball really began to roll.

We really couldn't be a better team. We complement each other so well. Karen does crazy amounts of research, gets recipes together, orders our ingredients and containers, etc. Kori fiiinnnaaallly gets to use her marketing degree and has designed the logo, the product labels, the website, and the packaging of all of the product. Mama is in charge of coming up with the best recipes for what we are looking for with each product. Kori is in charge of the designing of the soap (the colors, the technique, and the fragrance) and making the candles. The list goes on but it really just works. And to also be best friends is also just the icing on the cake.

We hope every piece of lake+ember you engage with will inspire you to live a more heartfelt life. To spoil yourself or others with product that has been hand made with love and joy. Have some fun shopping around and please come back soon.


Kori & Karen